Manual ATV DP-A20C

Installation Video

Instructions (Full Version)

Installation Steps In Picture 

*For your convenience and safety, please read the warning part in the full version before starting Installation


 Fix the front bumper:

  • Clip the front bumper into the car body.
  • Fix with the screws.

    Fix the dual drive front support:
    • Insert spring and spring sleeve into the dual drive front support.
    • Insert the dual drive front support into the body square tube.

      Fix the dual drive front support:
      • In turn put the Φ10 washer and the nut into the dual drive front bracket.
      • Fix the nut with the M10 wrench.
      Insert the rear axle into the car.
      Fix the gear box(L/R)
      • Put the drive motor into the rear axle, and stuck the motor into the body slot. (Tips: gear box left right distinction)
      Fix the front wheels and the rear wheels as shown in the figure.
      Fix the steering wheel:
      • Remove the nut and bolt from the steering wheel.
      • Insert the steering wheel over the steering and secure with nut and bolt.
      Open the seat.
      • ①&②: Find the rear motor plugs(L/R), and connect them to the plug on the receiver respectively(the plug on the receiver is not differentiated between left and right).
      • ③: Find the main power cord plug of the battery and insert it into the corresponding socket of the receiver.
      • ④: Battery
      Fix the seat:
      • Clip the seat into the car body.
      • Rotate the latch on the seat to secure the seat.
        Clip the backrest into the car body.