Manuel Bumper Car DP-010

Installation Video

Instructions (Full Version)

Installation Steps In Picture 

*For your convenience and safety, please read the warning part in the full version before starting Installation.

Part 1: Backrest installation

Clip backrest into the body.

Part 2: Install push handle switch

As shown in the figure: install the forward/backward switch to the designated position of the body.

① Clip the push handle into the specified position on the body.

② &③ Fix the push handle on the vehicle body with cross screwdriver and M3.5 * 20 screw.

④ Clip the push handle cap into the push handle.

Part 3: Power Connecting & Install seat

① Find out the main power line and insert the plug in of the power line into the corresponding socket of the receiver;

② Install seat to the body.

③ Fix the seat with screw by cross screwdriver.

Part 4: Install buffer strip

As shown in the figure: wrap the buffer strip around the specified position on the body, and clip one end of the buffer fixing block into the body slot and the other end with M4 × 10 screw fixation.